Internet Restriction Notifications

If you tried to get to the internet and this page was displayed it is because you have violated one or more of the board policies relating to appropriate Internet use by employees or students in Board Policy 4.406 issued 9/11/2008 and revised on 2/12/2009. All employees, and students and their guardians signed an agreement relating to the use of Cannon County computers and internet access. The policy is as follows:


1.   General rules and ethics of Internet use.


2.   Prohibited or illegal activities, including, but not limited to


·         Sending or displaying offensive messages or pictures

·         Using obscene language

·         Harassing, insulting, defaming or attacking others

·         Damaging computers, computer systems or computer networks

·         Hacking or attempting unauthorized access

·         Violation of copyright laws

·         Trespassing in another's folders, work or files

·         Intentional misuse of resources

·         Using another's password or other identifier (impersonation)

·         Use of the network for commercial purposes

·         Buying or selling on the Internet

Last Modified on October 5, 2009