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Woodland 1955
A Picture of Woodland just before opening in 1955 
Woodland's history begins in the early days of the 1900s when a schoolhouse was established called the Haley Schoolhouse, also known as Old Macedonia. Other schools soon popped up at McMahan, Ivy Bluff, Hollow Springs, Parker Hill, Lee's Creek, Red Hill, Coldwater, Crisp and Pleasant View. As time passed, smaller schools merged with, or consolidated into, larger schools. By 1955, there were only five schools in the Fifth District: Ivy Bluff, Pleasant View, Geedville, Hollow Springs, and Mooretown.  Since the 1970s, Woodland School has continued to grow.  An addition was added in 1979 with another addition that was completed in 2002.  Woodland's motto is "A Good School in a Good Community." 

In the 1950s, the Cannon County School Board and Superintendent decided to consolidate each of the smaller schools into a larger school. The first consolidated school was at Short Mountain. At that time, the five schools in the Fifth District were approached about consolidating into a new building to be built on Manchester Highway (Highway 53). With the exception of Hollow Springs (which would later be consolidated into Woodland in 1960), the schools were consolidated to create Woodland. The name Woodland was suggested after there was a lot of indecision about the name. It was named after the Woodland Indians and because of the abundance of trees around where the school was being built. 
Woodland's first principal, Mr. Beecher Bowen, came up with the slogan that Woodland has lived by since that time "A Good School in a Good Community." 
Since 1955, Woodland has undergone several changes. Two additions and fifty-eight years later, Woodland still lives by the standard set long ago by the first teachers to teach at the school.
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