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Discipline Plan


The following is a list of both consequences and rewards for acceptable and unacceptable behaviors.  I will discuss these rules with your child and have them posted in the room. This list is for you to constantly be reviewing with your child.


The consequences are:

                   1st offense: name in the book

                   2nd offense: name in the book

3rd offense: name in the book

4th offense: name in the book and In-School Detention   

                   (7:30 – 3:00) the fourth offense must occur in 

                   one school day.

·        When your child receives ISD a note will be sent home with your child for you to sign and send back the next day.

(This is not for permission, this is just to inform you of your child’s behavior.)

·        Your child will receive ISD if his or her name is in the notebook twelve times or more during a six week period.

·        If your child accumulates 5 ISDs or gets suspended from school for any reason the following punishments may result: he or she will not be able to participate in any extra curricular activities (plays, field trips, magic shows, field day, or the 8th grade end of the year trip), getting kicked off the ball team, and /or loss of recess for the rest of the year.
  •   Remember it’s up to the teacher to decide whether your child passes or fails after missing 20 days.

·        During ISD your child will be seated in the hall by himself/herself and will not be allowed to eat with the class or go to any extra curricular activities for those appointed days.  This includes attending or playing ballgames.


 The rewards are:
When your child makes it through the day without any offenses, they will receive a ticket for that day on Monday of the next week. I will draw and they have a chance at receiving homework passes, name out of the book passes, etc. They can use them anytime throughout the year.
Your child can also earn a free day reward every three weeks if they are not tardy,don't leave early,not absent, and do not get their name in the book during each six week period.