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In August 2007, East Side began implementation of School-Wide Positive Behavior Support (SWPBS).  SWPBS is nationally recognized, researched-based, and designed to enhance the capacity of schools to educate all children by developing school-wide, non-classroom, classroom, and individual student discipline systems. SWPBS requires schools to define, teach, and reinforce school rules to create a positive school environment.


East Side has had 4 teachers and administration trained by The Partnership for Ed Excellence at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville in the many facets of SWPBS.   Cannon County is proud to be one of only 7 districts in Tennessee to implement SWPBS district-wide. Our school committee is made up of Karen Wimberley, Amy Underwood, Greta Reed, and Jackie Burger.


SWPBS focuses on prevention and teaching expectations in order to provide a predictable, safe, positive and consistent environment.  East Side’s rules are Tigers R:  Respectful, Responsible, and Ready.  East Side has dedicated significant attention to systematically teaching its students the expected behaviors. 


With SWPBS, students are able to earn tiger tickets for various positive behaviors.  Tiger Tickets will be given to students when they are seen following one of the school rules, thus allowing teachers and staff to focus attention on appropriate behavior by students.  Students who have earned a specified number of tickets will have the privilege to attend the reward parties planned throughout the year and can “cash in” their Tiger tickets for various prizes.


More information about School-Wide Positive Behavior Support can be found in the Departments section of  Cannon County Schools web site, or click here.

Last Modified on December 3, 2013