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Contract Bus Owners and Drivers

Denise Duke

Denise is an owner and operator of bus # 13
She drives for Woodland School
She is married to Scotty Duke, they have 2 children.
Denise works between routes at her family own business Hwy. 53 Market
Elizabeth Bowman is the AM driver for Denise DukeBus # 13

Ricky Estes

Ricky is the owner of 3 buses that contract with Cannon County Schools
Ricky is married to Mrs. Bonnie Estes, they have 2 children and 2 grandchildren
Ricky is employed by Bunny Bread.

Tracie Estes drives bus # 15 for Woodland School and CCHS
Tracie is the wife of Jeff Estes, they have 2 beautiful daughters.

Teddy Taylor drives bus # 27 for Woodland School and CCHS
Teddy is married to Mrs. Cindy Taylor who serves as the attendance secretary at CCHS.

Billy Lawson drives bus #22 for East Side.

Prentice Patrick

Prentice is the owner and operator of bus #14
He dirves for Auburn school
He is married to Mrs. Anna Patrick they have several children and grandchildren

Jacquelyn Pitts

Jacquelyn is the owner of 2 buses that contact with Cannon County Schools
She is married to Mr. Boyd Pitts, they have 2 sons.

Amy Thomas drives bus #18 for WGS
She is married to Randy Thomas, they have 2 children
She works at Woodbury Grammar School between routes

Sandy Hodgson drives bus #95-07 for WGS

Last Modified on December 6, 2013