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County Bus Drivers

Auburn School Drivers

Anna Patrick
Bus #00-04
Anna is married to Mr. Prentice Patrick, they reside in the Auburn area.
ey have 4 children and several grandchildren  

Sharon Bush
Bus #11-09
Sharon is married to Les Bush, they reside in the Woodland area. They have 3
boys and several grandchildren.

Eastside School Drivers

Barry Hibdon
Barry works at CCHS between routes as a janitor.
He has 4 children and grandchildren

Short Mountain School Drivers

Karen Ashford
Bus #09-11
Drives for Short Mt. School
Karen is married to Mr. Wade Asford

Ricky Arnold
Bus # 03-25
Drives for Short Mt.
Ricky is married to Mrs. Anita Arnold, they have 1 daughter.
He works for the Central Office Maintance department between routes. 

Christina Tacy
Bus #00-03
She drives for Short Mt.

Westside School Drivers

Kathy Simon
Bus# 02-01
She is married to Mr. Paul Simon. Kathy is the secretary at Westside school.
Paul does sub work for us on occasion.

Regina Murdock
Bus # 07-02
Drives for Westside School and CCHS
She is married to Keith and has 5 children and a grandchild

Bobby Moore
Bus #07-07
Drives for Westside, WGS, and CCHS
He is married to Connie and they have 2 children

Woodbury Grammar School Drivers

Felisa Coppinger
Bus # 04-02
Felisa is currently a sub driver for the county. She is married to Stephen Coppinger
they live in the Woodland area and have 2 children.

Andy Duggin
Bus #05-01
He drives for WGS and CCHS
Andy is married to Francis and they have 4 children 

Kelly Paul
Bus # 04-02
She drives for WGS
Kelly is married to Tim and they have 2 children. 


Felisa Coppinger
Bus # 07-10
She drives for Woodland
Felisa is married to Stephen and they have 2 children 

Special Education Drivers

Jerry Tenpenny
Bus # 98-08
Jerry drives for East Side, Short Mt, Auburn, WGS, and CCHS
He is married with children and grandchildren 

Dena Schoen
Bus # 03-11
Dena drives for Woodland, WGS and CCHS
Dean is employed at CCHS as a Special Ed. assistant between routes.