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Mission Statement

2020-2022 Vision, Mission, Goals and Beliefs

Vision Statement

Engaged in Excellence EVERY Day in EVERY Way!

Mission Statement
To Create a Unified Environment That Will Provide Opportunities
for All Students to Reach Their Full Potential.


Cannon County Schools will:
  • Provide a safe and supportive learning environment in a unified community;
  • Creating a ‘Culture of Excellence’ through high expectations in all areas;
  • Engage families and the community as partners in the learning process;
  • Develop a long-range facilities plan that provides opportunities and resources for all Students, Faculties, and Staffs.


  • Best possible Facilities and Resources for Students, Faculties, and Staffs;
  • Schools and families are an integral part of OUR Community;
  • Communication is the bridge that connects schools and families;
  • Every child deserves to feel safe and supported;
  • Attendance is a vital component to student learning;
  • All students learn in different ways;
  • Learning must be meaningful, relevant, and prepare students for their future;
  • All members of a school are educators;
  • Everyone holds high expectations for themselves and their students;
  • All interactions should demonstrate care and respect for one another;
  • All decisions should be data-driven and tailored to meet the needs of each student, via the use of consistent high-quality instruction, resources, and life experiences;
  • Career Technical Education Focus beginning at the Middle Grades Level through High School;
  • Optimistic Morale & Energetic Attitude by ALL to support Teachers and Schools;
  • Unity among School Community for common goals;
  • Teacher-Leaders being developed across the School System;
  • Consistent Discipline at every school;
  • Accountability and Transparency at all levels.
              Bottom Line = CANNON EXCELS!